I do Gin - Making special gin for special events

A bottle of I do Gin at a wedding.

Kate created a special gin for her cousin's wedding, which was given to their guests as miniature favours. If you'd like a special gin for a special event, we'd love to help.

I do Gin is made from fresh rosemary and orange blossom, a traditional pairing for weddings for hundreds of years. A little fresh sweet orange zest is added to the vapour basket to give it a bit of a zing, and of course juniper is also used. Here are the prices of the various options:

  • A case of 6 100ml bottles of I do Gin with a generic label. £60
  • Label customised with the names of the couple and the date. £5 per case
  • A designed label. £Depends on the complexity of the design.
  • A custom bottle. We can source various bottle shapes and sizes. You can show us a bottle you like or discuss what you would like. £Depends on chosen bottle.
  • Custom gin botanicals. We can create a new gin with you. £300 per experiement, until you're happy with the flavour.
  • Additional 70cl bottle. £49
  • Delivery and set-up on the wedding day within a 50 mile radius of Dorking. £100
  • We can also arrange a bar at your event, subject to licencing and venue approval.

Please call us on 01306 889598 or email us at fabulous@gin.kitchen to find out more.

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